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  I get up close and personal with the tastemakers, trendsetters and icons of the music, fashion and underground scene.

The Rapture 


We had the utmost pleasure of speaking to Gabriel Andruzzi and Vito Roccoforte ofThe Rapture at the 2nd Annual FILTER Magazine Culture Collide Festival in Echo Park. We talk success, music business and the late DJ Mehdi. The Rapture is currently on tour to support their fourth studio album, In the Grace of Your Love, and put on a stellar performance at the Music Box in Hollywood last Thursday, followed by a DJ set at their official after party at Paul & Andre. more


Buraka Som Sistema


Between seeing some of my favorites like Chromeo, Empire of The Sun, and Death Cab for Cutiein a span of two days, I had quite the weekend in San Francisco at the all-star Treasure Island Music Festival. Plus I got to sit down with João Barbosa, Rui Pité, Kalaf Ângelo, and Andro Carvalho, the talented the four-man crew from Portugal known as Buraka Som Sistema. more

Big Freedia


Big Freedia on LA, the new and upcoming album and life as a Queen Diva


Where do you think Bounce music is headed? I hear a lot of 90's hip hop influence and some 80's freestyle in the mix.


Big Freedia: It all similar because it's mixed with 80s rap and it does have that 90's Hip Hop feel. It reminds me of the Baltimore club music scene or something. Heavy bass, lots of boom. Bounce music is off tempo with heavy bass. Its called call and response music. That's how we rock it. more



Who is one person or artist that inspire you?


LoveFox: For me it’s the Beastie Boys. I remember when I first heard them from my brother who lived in New York. He came back with some albums for me. I didn’t speak any English but I remember wanting to learn and sing the lyrics. It was fun experience for me learning them.


Luiza: I’d have to say John Lenon.


Carol: I say the Beatles’s first album, But what changed my idea of music and made me want to play was Sonic Youth. It was so liberating, you can just make noise and create music that way. more


Bag Raiders


If you have not heard of Australians own, Bag Raiders, then I suggest you get yourself a copy of their first self-titled album, and listen to it from beginning to end. Chris Stracey & Jack Glass are no stranger to the music scene, as they have been in the circuit for some years already internationally.  Their delightfully infectious sounds definitely got the crowd going at the Collaborative Media’s Halloween Event that took place at the Vanguard in Hollywood last Friday. The duo treated us to an all live set with some of the finest synthesizers, drum kits, and cowbells around, all topped with the perfect vocalizations of lead singer, Chris Stracey. I got the pleasure to sit down with the guys and get updated with the progress of their new album and recording in Silverlake. more


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