Kim Ann Foxman Brings It With, "It's All About You".

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When you hear the term "Female DJ"..I hope the first thing that comes to mind isn't Paris Hilton.

I'd like to introduce you all to a talented, strong woman named, Kim Ann Foxman. She didn't buy her way into the "EDM" scene, doesn't play pre recorded sets, she simply...creates dance magic. Haling from Hawaii, (but representing New York) this techno-house talent is in full control of her production from laying down the vocals to the song writing. Let's not forget to mention that Miss. Foxman has dominated the underground warehouse scene all over the world since 2010. Do yourself a favor and check out Kim's latest tracks on her very own label, Firehouse Records - "It's All About You" and "Steal My Secrets".

“Firehouse will be super­ dynamic, gorgeous and weird. I want to represent New York, represent its flavor and be a part of the music history that it is so abundant here. I will embrace music that I feel. It’s gotta have vibes! It’s gotta have passion, it’s gotta have heart.” - Kim Ann Foxman On Firehouse Records.


Kim Ann Foxman "It's All About You"

Kim Ann Foxman "Steal My Secrets"

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