Minimal Effort with Matador, Butch, Andhim, and Uner at The Legendary Park Plaza at Legendary Park P

Minimal Effort Los Angeles announces another colossal line-up featuring the prodigious Matador, the incredible Butch, the marvellous AndHim, and the astounding Uner. While Matador’s live set will astonish, Butch will enrapture your body and mind, the duo AndHIm will convey soul and passion, and Uner will personally gratify your thirst for harmony. This triumphant gala will follow up from the last two eminent Minimal Effort events and will have you blown away featuring an indoor and outdoor stage and taking place at the legendary Park Plaza in Los Angeles. Playing host to some of Los Angeles’ most illustrious since 1925, Park Plaza is a significant part of Los Angeles history and this party will definitely be one for the books.