Goodbye Bamboo! - LIB 2015



All good things must come to an end… In 2015 we wave a heartfelt farewell to the Bamboo stage and welcome with open arms the birth of the new LIB Thunder Stage, a substantial structure known as “Big Fish.” Gerard Minakawa and the Bamboo DNA team have a unique and special relationship with the Do LaB. Although different building materials are used, creative visions and work ethics are aligned. Gerard and the Bamboo DNA team built the first Main Stage at LIB in 2006 called the Woogaloogie. Since then, in addition to executing some of LIB’s past main stages they birthed and crafted 4 beautiful years of the Bamboo Stage. This year, we’re excited to allow Gerard to expand and explore his creative realm by discovering innovative ways to provide more shade and curate enticing bridges to assist in a more enjoyable journey through LIB.

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