Lights Down Low with Metro Area, Tom Trago and Suzanne Kraft at Lot 613


Saturday May 16th, 2015 PROTOTYPE008 Metro Area Tom Trago Suzanne Kraft Lights Down Low LA DJs and night life life people lead complicated lives. We know this. So it is unfortunate that we have to announce our good friend Shadow Child had to cancel his tour due to health issues. But fear not, the party must go on. We are not going to leave you stranded, dangling with your dancing shoes unscuffed. We leapt into action, emailing agents, phoning management and looked to find the best in dance floor devastation for you and your loved ones and have put together a different and some might say, more compelling line up? Take a look inside, we think you are going to really like what you see... METRO AREA Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani glue yesterday’s and tomorrow’s disco together. Metro Area, we love you. Born out of the pair's somewhat dichotomous love for both the old moods of R&B, disco and boogie and the more cutting-edge sound of innovative house and techno. Metro Area brings back the soulful experimentation of the early club classics, mixing live and electronic instruments. Simultaneously, the mood and minimalism of more recent dance music forms creep into the mix: Detroit's cold futurism, Chicago's abstract track-modes, and the warmth of New York and New Jersey's deep house. Besides their work in the studio, Metro Area have toured extensively, both together as a live PA and DJ team and separately as DJs, playing their distinct and individualistic style to crowds from Norway to South Africa. Currently staying busy with continued touring, solo remixes from Morgan and Darshan, new studios in Brooklyn, solo and side projects and the imminent release of a new Metro Area album, the music world can rest assured that Metro Area will continue to rock theories of time and space. TOM TRAGO An internationally renowned DJ, producer, live performer and label owner with three critically acclaimed albums to his name, the Dutchman divides his time between all­day studio sessions, DJ gigs and live shows all over the world, and a steady stream of musical collaborations with friends from Amsterdam and beyond. You sometimes wonder how he finds any time for sleep. There is no time for shut eye when you are busy collaborating with musicians, vocalists and producers from Amsterdam and beyond (think Romanthony, San Proper, Awanto 3, Cinnaman, Tyree Cooper and Bok Bok to name a few) and developing a trademark style that blended the best of three decades of dance music – disco, boogie, synth funk, Detroit techno and more – with insatiable house rhythms and an intrinsic grasp of what makes dancefloors tick. SUZANNE KRAFT One of our fave Los Angeles based producer and DJ. Mountains of vibes and non stop great tunes. Operates under solo moniker on labels like Running Back and Rush Hour, as well as a member of Pharaohs and Blasé (w/ Eddie Ruscha.) Also runs the weekly Things of Life radio show and Thriftcothéque parties in LA with Secret Circuit and Jason Mason. Has to be seen to believed. Has to be heard with all of your friends. LDL CREW Corey Sizemore, Richie Panic, and the babe Masha will be warming things up and opening the room. Ensuring a proper evening of quality dance music all night long. This event is for grown and sexy humans 21+

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