Dirtybird Campout Highlights

"ATTENTION DIRTY BIRDIES..." was the sound that I woke up to every morning in the middle of Irvine Lake during my stay at Dirtybird Campout. The non stop bass house function drew over 4,000 hardcore fans during a 3 day weekend. Activities included dance parties, talent shows, and recreational sports with our favorite tech house DJ's as team counselors. It got hot, wet and downright filthy. Music and festival production team, The Do Lab, had outdone themselves yet again with this themed camp out experience.

I raced from LA to the OC to catch Mark Starr's opening performance. The Florida-based producer had been a favorite of mine since his release on Hot N Heavy Records. Mr. Starr started the event off right with a set full of funky bass lines that drove the early crowd wild. The night anticipated a performance by the youngster of the DB group, Justin Jay. It has been surreal watching this recent USC graduate over the years mature to the artist that he is today. I jacked my body to Breach and ended my night screaming in delight to Justin Martin dropping Jimmy Edgar's track "Burn". The hardest set of the festival goes to Christian Martin for throwing it down during an epic three-hour, 6 am sunrise session at the Late Night Lodge.

All moments lead up to a headliner of mine - Worthy. Sean is an innovator whose eclectic production ranges from booty house to jungle, a man who is responsible for one of the best dance albums of 2014 "Disbehave". I grew up with bay area bass, Miami freestyles, 80's electronic and always hoped for an influenced sound. Dirtybird and Worthy label, Anabatic Records was my answer. I got a chance to express how his music brought out a sense of nostalgia for me. During his time on stage, I took a moment to look around at the familiar faces and felt the family vibes. The staff and crowd were full of long time friends and fans that have supported the collective from the beginning.

The Dirtybird Campout 2015 will forever go down in history as an unforgettable journey of mine. There have been moments where I have questioned the label and direction, but this experience had restored my faith towards the brand. DB is one of the finest in the electronic music industry- full of forward thinkers, impeccable marketing, and future sounds.

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