Further Future 002: Exploration Into The Deep

With an increasingly saturated festival market in the U.S. and abroad, Further Future feels like a breath of fresh air. It represents a push forward to something rarely seen stateside in terms of music with a breadth and depth unlike anything else. For the second voyage, we see the most forward thinking lineup of the year, with highlights including Four Tet, DJ Tennis, Caribou, Fort Romeau, Dixon, Elderbrook, Nicolas Jaar, Pattern Drama, Joeski, and Lee Burridge. Not to mention, Leftield will be playing their first US show since 2011, which makes this their second US appearance in over 15 years.

In addition to a stellar musical lineup, there will be a veritable buffet of activities to satisfy you visually, mentally, aurally, and spiritually. Further Future separates itself from other transformationals by not only incorporating the most innovative players in electronic dance, but ties in elements of technology and wellness while creating an environment that embraces enlightenment and creativity.

We've yet to experience the much anticipated, "Vision Speakers" which embodies all of the elements FF stands for. The press release reads, "The recently unveiled vision speakers video exemplified this goal, showcasing the profound ideas shared by renowned thought leaders from SoundCloud, Google X, Evernote, Artsy, Otherlab, and NASA's Johnson Space Center." We can't wait!

The location alone sets the tone for the whole event, as they have decided to collaborate with the Moapa Paiutes once again and hold the event the naturally stunning Moapa River Indian Reservation.

Meet us in the desert and beyond.

Further Future

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