Join Us at XLIVE Data & Analytics Summit 2017.

XLIVE 2017 will hit the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, California on April 4-5th. The conference will feature heavy hitters in the festival, entertainment and sports fields discussing their secrets and success with digital marketing and analytics. Join the many event producers and executives as they share the latest in tech for event production.

The world of live events is in demand and quickly expanding all over the globe. To stand out and stay ahead of the curb, the use of technology is a vital part of growing brand awareness and increase of sales. Learn the power of data and analytics to help your marketing strategies, take an in-depth look of spending and customer habits and overall, grow your business. Expand your horizons and take part of this $1.1 billion dollar industry. Learn the tricks of the trade and take in the wealth of knowledge from the creatives at Ticketmaster, Philadelphia 76ers, Google, Netflix, Toronto International Film Festival and more.

Check out the powerhouse reps from the most influential companies across the globe, that will discuss how to remain ahead of an ever-changing industry: Todd Holloway, Director of Content Science & Algorithms - Netflix; Brandon Ramsey, Director of Business Analytics & Strategy - Golden State Warriors; Akshay Khanna, VP of Strategy - Philadelphia 76ers; Eesean Bolden, VP of A&R - Warner Brothers Records; Kyle Burkhardt, Director of Business Intelligence - Los Angeles Kings; Scott Mitchem, Protective Security Advisory - LA District, U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Olivia Diamond, Director of Brand Partnerships - POP Montreal; John Trumble, Managing Director - New York City Wine & Food Festival; Arri Landsman-Roos, Director of Analytics, Jacksonville Jaguars; Meryl Johnson, Director - Digital Strategy, Country Music Association; and Josh Baird, Director of Social Media & Audience Development - FOX Sports and 50+ more speakers.

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Can't get enough of the summit? XLIVE 2017 will continue to cultivate a world of innovative ideas at the end of the year gathering in Las Vegas December 10-13, 2017. You can register for the Las Vegas event: HERE

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